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Free Kindness Cards Available Here To Help You Share The Love.
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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Save The Limes

I'm currently volunteering to Save The Limes Care Centre in Dartford and invite you to get involved.


The Limes Care Centre is a much needed part of the community. It cares for elderly members of the community through it's day centre and enablement facilities. It'ss a care centre to enable older people regain their health and confidence and the opportunity to assess their needs ready for them to return to their own home or to make aware their needs to move to a care or nursing home for their own safety and dignity.

The Limes Day Centre provides a lovely community spirit, cooked hot meal, 5 days a week, entertainment and a social life and may be the Service Users only opportunity to get out of their home. It is also helps their carers to have a few hours of respite.

Just 2 years ago KCC visited us congratulating us on receiving 3 star excellent rating from the Care Quality Commission, but now they say the beds cost too much and as we are not making a profit for them they don't care about shutting us down. We don't agree that profit must be more important than people. Our service users are not just numbers, they are real people with real issues, real lives and real views.

Often, if elderly service users had gone straight home they would be returning into hospital quickly, as they either fall again or was not medically fit to be discharged in the 1st place. If The Limes closes down elderly people will get stuck in hospital bed blocking. If they are not assessed properly they get sent home inappropriately only to be returned to Darent Valley A&E which will cause more work for NHS staff & stress for the elderly patients and their families.  

If The Limes closes as Kent County Council wish then these elderly people will have literally nowhere to go. Again these are not just numbers, it could be your mum, your brother, your aunt, your neighbour or your friend who needs our service. Many people don't even know we exist and if we don't spread the word it won't exist any longer. This would mean that when you really need us, The Limes won't be here to help you anymore.

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